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released June 8, 2011

Cover art made by Ádám Moroncsik. Thanks a lot Buddy! :)



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Destroy The Plastic Chairs! Eger, Hungary

A band of friends who don't like chairs.


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Track Name: Weather Report of a Heart
When I'm with you I can think aloud,
even if the Sun's behind a cloud. (2x)

When I'm with you... (4x)

Your smile of sunshine inspires my heart and brain,
You are my mood umbrella against the rain. (2x)

Track Name: Metróslány (feat. Sad Kolibries)
There was a girl at the metro station, when I saw her,
she was so beautiful, she was so beautiful,
she was so beautiful and all.
The girl at the metro station with her ginger hair,
she was smiling at me, she was smiling at me,
she was smiling at me, oh yeah.
And I know I should still follow her,
but I was to afraid.
Just like always, too afraid.
Track Name: A bowl of micro-phone calls
I wanted to call you, I wanted to call you,
but you won't answer the phone.
So I, so I use it as a microphone.

You said I was, you said I was
too kind.
Or maybe, or maybe
just blind.

I couldn't see that you don't care,
You left me here to stand and stare.
I couldn't see that you don't mind
that I start to lose my mind.
Track Name: Cats' Life
Your eyes are the hall of heaven.
Best place to wait for our death.
There's no furniture only a sofa-
king empty, I like to be here.

It's cozy, time is going.
Fishes in the aquarium,
swimming the time of our life.

And they say:

Death number one
death number two
death number three
death number four
death number five
death number six
death number seven
death number eight.

And this is the last one!

Now it's my turn!
The room will burn!

Cats' life, cats' life!