Dancing Whales

by Destroy The Plastic Chairs!

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The album was recorded in Shepherd's Valley in Maugly's room and garage.


released May 9, 2012

Cover and album arts made by Fölföldi Fruzsina. A million thanks to you, Honey!
Three songs were mastered and cut by Gyuri from Random Characters. We love you Buddy!
We would like to show our gratitude for Maugly's mother for her kindness, patience, baked goods and hospitality.
And last but not least thanks for Gabó's mother for sending the songs of the record to Debrecen by post.



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Destroy The Plastic Chairs! Eger, Hungary

A band of friends who don't like chairs.


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Track Name: We are from Eger
We are having fun at the Bartók Square
Years and years go by but we don't care
'Cause Eger is the place where we go home

Everything is changing, there are new trends
But fifty years from now we'll still be friends
Cause our little gang is full of love

Clap your hands: one, two, three
We dance happily, we are twee!
Track Name: Mr.Coffee (feat. Random Characters)
Yesterday I was so drunk
Now I’m stinking like a skunk
We were acting like dummies
But we will always be buddies
Mister Coffee please help me!
Save me from my misery!
This could be a happy morning
Breakfast will dissolve the mourning

Mister Coffee, Mister Coffee!
Mister Coffee, help me!
Track Name: Easy come, easy go
I hate the loud girls
And I hate the fats
But mostly I hate
The fucking brunettes

I hate lesbians
And I hate their shoes
I hate her tricks, smiles
Hugs, kisses and boobs

Easy come easy go
Where is my libido?
Where is my libido?
Easy come easy go
Track Name: Sinking Ship
Sometimes I am strange
But don’t treat me like a stranger
Relationships change
To be close to me is danger

That’s what you are thinking
That’s what you are thinking
This relationship is sinking
Track Name: Dancing Whale
I want to swim with the whales
And believe all the fairytales
Sing the song of the ocean
The waves of your mild emotion
Would stroke my lazy body
my lazy and heavy body

What will dive in, into the deep
Into the deep, into the deep
Track Name: (I can't get no) Resignation
I got no job, I got no money
I got no girl to call me Honey
For five months I don't go to school
I moved back home, well ain't that cool?

I became part of a nation
Which is bound to resignation
Sorrow is a well-known notion
It makes you drown like an ocean